Polypropylene Fill Pack, Drift Eliminator, Polypropylene

FKP327 (TKP327)

Structured polypropylene fill packs

Most common applications dimension:

  • surface area : 125m2/m3
  • channel width : 27mm
  • operating temperature : 80°C

Most common sizes:

  • 1200mm long x 300mm high x 300mm wide
  • 1200mm long x 600mm high x 300mm wide
  • 2400mm long x 300mm high x 300mm wide

Most common applications for this fill type:

  • cooling tower fill for strong contaminated water
  • trickling filters for waste water treatment plants
  • submerged as biomedia carrier in water treatment plants
  • water catchment water storage media


Volume pricing available on request

1.2m x 0.3m x 0.3m block (nominal) is $TBA not available locally

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2 H-TKP - media

Made from extruded polypropylene foils

For counterflow cooling tower applications

  • high temperature resistant
  • minimum pressure drop
  • longest serving life
  • superior heat exchange properties
  • environmental friendly

For low and highly loaded fixed bed reactors

  • very robust and long lasting
  • high cost advantage and good environment benefits compared with PVC
  • high nitrification rate
  • low energy consumption and low sludge production
  • high security against blockages
  • polypropylene (PP) with extreme chemical resistance and UV-stability
  • welding is completely free of solvent based adhesives
  • also prove useful in bio rotors

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