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Drift Eliminator (TEP)

TEP 130 polypropylene drift eliminator

Most common sizes:

  • 2400mm long x 130mm high x 600mm wide
  • we can cut to any smaller size for a fee

Most common applications for this fill type:

  • cooling tower drift eliminator
  • inlet louvers

2H Drift eliminators are widely used in Cooling towers as high performance drift eliminators and droplet eliminators. The drift eliminators fully comply with all Australian standards and in particular with AS3666. The drift eliminators have been tested overseas and also in Australia according to AS4180.1. The Measured drift loss according to AS4180.1was less than 0.001%.

The TEP eliminator can also be used as Inlet louvers (for Cooling towers, evaporative coolers, chicken farms and other applications)

2H Plastics can supply louvers for cooling towers for blocking light entering the cooling tower basin, and to prevent water splashing from the basin. We can supply lovers in polypropylene or in PVC 125mm width for optimal protection or the 65mm standard width. The louvers can also be used for many other applications where air movement is required, however light or water must be contained.

Download PDF Brochure Below:

PDF Icon TEP 130

Download PDF Brochure Below:

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Volume pricing available on request

2.4m x 0.6m x 0.13m block (nominal) is $429.00 (incl. $39.00 GST)

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2 H-TKP - media

Made from extruded polypropylene foils

For counterflow cooling tower applications

  • high temperature resistant
  • minimum pressure drop
  • longest serving life
  • superior heat exchange properties
  • environmental friendly

For low and highly loaded fixed bed reactors

  • very robust and long lasting
  • high cost advantage and good environment benefits compared with PVC
  • high nitrification rate
  • low energy consumption and low sludge production
  • high security against blockages
  • polypropylene (PP) with extreme chemical resistance and UV-stability
  • welding is completely free of solvent based adhesives
  • also prove useful in bio rotors

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